Outlook 2010 Intermediate


This is an outline only.  Please sign up through the Montgomery County Government Website.

Outlook 2010 Intermediate (1 Day)


Now that you have learned the basics of Outlook we will work with other productivity tools with this application. Outlook 2010 has the Ribbon interface with features organized into groups of common functions. Create Group Calendars to see another schedules next to yours.

Learn about the new To Do Bar and create tasks generated from an email. Learn the benefit of using Categories to track your information in multiple ways. Did you know that Outlook can use Word as its email editor? That means using the Word Table features in your Outlook email. Learn about Rules to streamline processes and organize the inbox


Students should have completed Outlook 2010 Introduction before attending this class or have equivalent knowledge.

Next Steps

Attendees will benefit from taking Outlook 2010 Advanced.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to perform the following tasks:

                                          1)            MANAGING MEETINGS

o    Scheduling a Meeting

o    Scheduling a Resource for a Meeting

o    Accepting/Declining Meeting Requests

o    Proposing a New Meeting Time

o    Responding to a New Time Proposal

o    Tracking Meeting Responses

o    Updating a Meeting

o    Canceling a Meeting

o    Creating Group Calendars

                                          2)            WORKING WITH TASKS AND THE TO DO BAR

o    Using the Tasks Pane

o    Adding a Task

o    Creating a Recurring Task

o    Editing a Task

o    Marking a Task Complete

o    Sorting Tasks

o    Assigning a Task to Another Outlook User

o    Accepting/Declining Tasks

o    Indicating the Progress of a Task

o    Sending a Status Report

o    Viewing Tasks Assigned to Others

o    Printing Tasks Information

o    Viewing Tasks in the To-Do Bar

o    Deleting a Task

                                          3)            ORGANIZING OUTLOOK ITEMS

o    Assigning a Category to an Outlook Item

o    Modifying the Master Category List

o    Setting the Quick Click Category

o    Applying the Quick Click Category

o    Using Instant Search

o    Customizing Instant Search

o    Using search Tools

o    Using Conditional Formatting

o    Using AutoCreate

o    Viewing the Reminder Window

o    Adding a Field to a View

o    Removing Fields from a View

                                          4)            FORMATTING OUTLOOK MESSAGES

o    Inserting a File as Text into a Message

o    Checking Spelling/Grammar as You Type

o    Running the Spelling and Grammar Checker

o    Applying Character Formatting

o    Formatting Paragraphs

o    Creating a Bulleted List in a Message

o    Applying a Style to a Paragraph

o    Finding Text in a Message

o    Using the Research Task Pane

o    Using the Thesaurus

o    Changing the Message Background Color

o    Inserting a Picture into a Message

o    Switching Message Formats

o    Using Stationery to Create a Message

                                          5)            USING THE ADDRESS BOOK

o    Working with the Address Book

o    Opening the Address Book

o    Selecting a Different Address Book

o    Creating a New Contact Entry

o    Copying an Address

o    Viewing Entry Properties

o    Finding an Entry

o    Deleting an Entry

o    Setting Address Book Options

                                          6)            WORKING WITH FILES AND APPLICATIONS

o    Importing Data into an Outlook Folder

o    Exporting Outlook Data

o    Forwarding a vCard

o    Sending Outlook Items

o    Using Mail Merge with Word

                                          7)            WORKING WITH NOTES

o    Using the Notes Pane

o    Creating a Note

o    Opening a Note

o    Coloring a Note

o    Printing a Note

o    Deleting a Note

                                          8)            ADDING SHORTCUTS TO THE NAVIGATION PANE

o    Working with Favorite Folders Pane

o    Displaying the Shortcuts Pane

o    Creating a New Group

o    Renaming a Group

o    Adding a Folder Shortcut

o    Renaming a Folder Shortcut

o    Deleting a Folder Shortcut

o    Deleting a Group