Virtual Training

Thank you for registering for our virtual class. Below we have listed a couple of things you should know about our virtual training. We have also listed a couple of steps you can do in preparation for the virtual training to ensure it is an effective experience.

Before the Class


You will register for training through your employer’s usual process. Once you register you will get a link to join the class.

Exercise Files

Please download the exercise files before class. You can watch the video tutorial on how to download the exercise files on a PC or on a Mac. Please work with your helpdesk if your firewall blocks the downloads.
Please note that the class will be taught from the PC perspective unless otherwise specified. If you attend on a Mac, the software interface and procedures may differ but should still be relevant.

Software Setup

To participate in the hands-on exercises, you will need to join from a computer with the software installed and configured necessary for the training. Please work with your helpdesk if you are not sure that you have the required setup.
If you do not have the necessary software installed or configured correctly during the time of class, you can still follow along with the instructor and refer to the steps in the training material after class.

During the Class


Whenever possible we recommend you use a hardwire internet connection over WIFI for virtual training. An Ethernet connection allows for faster transfer of data, it has less of a lag than WiFi, and it is less likely to lose connection.
Please join the class a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the class start time. This will ensure you have time to connect and configure your audio settings before the start of the class. If you have any issues connecting, please contact your helpdesk.

Hands-on Exercises

If you have more than one monitor, we recommend you place the instructor’s shared screen on one monitor and your application being taught on the other monitor. This will make it easier to follow along on the hands-on exercises. 
However, if you only have one monitor, after demonstrating an exercise, the instructor will allow several minutes for you to switch from the instructor’s shares screen to your application to try the hands-on exercises. While you can always switch windows from the bottom of the screen, you may find it helpful to use the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut on a PC or Command + Tab on a Mac.


During the training there are several ways you can communicate with the instructor. If you have questions or comments you will be able to send them to the instructor by typing them in the Questions/Chat section of the virtual platform. However, the instructor may allow participants to unmute themselves during certain times of the class to ask questions verbally.

Virtual Courseware

Depending on the publisher of the courseware used during your class, you may either receive a PDF copy of the training material or get a link to where you can access it online. You will receive it either before or at the beginning of the training. If you receive a PDF copy, you can use you preferred PDF application to open and read it. If you receive a link, you will be able to access is through your preferred browser on any device.
Watch this quick tutorial on how to use the online courseware.

Class Evaluation

We always want to hear what you thought of the class to ensure we are providing the best service possible. Before dismissing the class, the instructor will provide you with a class evaluation where you can tell us what you liked about class and if there are any areas of improvement for next time.

After Class

After Class Support

Any time you attend a hands-on class with OfficePro, you qualify for 1 year of after class support from the date of the class. This reinforces what we have learned in class by allowing you to submit questions on any topic covered in class to one of our senior trainers. Please make sure you write down the title and date of class as you will need it to validate you qualify for this service.
To submit a question, to go and click After Class Support across the top.